At Agile Partners, we’re organized differently – everyone works for our Head of Business Operations, who is also Managing Director, Ana Novorojdin. Our founder and our board – they’re all “on the bottom” of the organization chart – it’s their jobs to be sure that the Agile Partners team has everything needed to delight clients.

Ana Novorojdin
Petru Popa
Steve Bishop
Gary Palmer

Ana Novorojdin

Managing Director

Petru Popa

Operational & Fraud Risk Management Officer

Steve Bishop

Operations and Technology Advisor

Gary Palmer

Founder & Executive Chairman
One of Agile Partners’ key figures, Ana is virtually the face and soul of our company. She leads the entire team in ensuring all incoming client requests are met. Providing insight and recommendations at all stages of product development, Ana is the go-to person when questions arise; always managing to come up with the most creative and innovative ways to solve them.
Before joining Agile Partners, Ana was the Project Manager of “Paynet”, Moldova’s first eWallet & Loyalty Program. Being there from the very beginning, she was instrumental in describing and implementing all ecomm and financial workings of the product. She led a team of development and creative people, making sure that the result will be compliant with eMoney issuing regulations, easy to use, beautifully designed and secure.
Her vast experience, of over 11 years in card payments, is what makes her one of the most valuable assets at Agile Partners. As Deputy Head of the Bank Department of a Moldovan bank, she was responsible for developing and innovating card products, in charge of both the front and back end of the department. Ensuring that issuing and acquiring processes work smoothly, as well as managing compliance with the National Banks’ requirements, as of those of actors such as Visa and MasterCard, Ana knows first-hand the inner workings of the card industry.
At Agile Partners Petru is in charge of the Operational & Fraud Risk Management team.
Before joining our team, Petru has served as Head of Card Payments Security & Risks Division, where he managed to establish an effective risk management system for a Financial Institution that acted as both Issuer and Acquirer.
During his 5 years’ experience he achieved numerous milestones, including: compliance with payment systems and national regulations;  fraud prevention, detection and mitigation; optimized cardholders claims and dispute resolution processes; well-organized merchant underwriting and monitoring; secured data flows and places of data storage (as for PCI DSS); cooperation with cybercrime eradication structures; secured card issuing and PIN management processes.
Between 2008 and 2009, he was the Chief of Credit Product Development Unit, and from 2009 to 2011 - Chief of Operational & Credit Risks Unit. He has also served as Credit Risk Manager, being responsible for credit risk assessment, non-performing loans recovery, periodical reports submitted to market regulator & International Financial Institutions.
At Agile Partners, Steve is not only our Senior Advisor, but also a personal mentor to key executives and teammates.
As a globally recognized payment-processing expert, he’s led technology activities in multiple companies, including WildCard Systems, eFunds, Wave Crest and Fidelity National Information Systems. His work has been recognized for its pioneering approach and industry-changing results.
Since 1994, Steve’s been at the fore-front of acquiring processing (POS, CNP, mPOS), prepaid issuing processing including open/closed and enhanced networks, ACH, progressive compliance systems, fraud and risk management, loyalty systems, mobile and web technologies and specialized payment and data processing for purpose-specific needs.
His extensive knowledge of the arcane rules, procedures, and players in the payment processing and banking platforms is surpassed by his passion to mentor, train and develop his teams as well as delight clients with services that are secure, adaptable, resilient and scalable.
Steve also served in the United States Army where he learned to fly helicopters and parachute. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Maryland. He also has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern, as well as two Doctorate degrees from Stetson University - one in Mathematics and the other in Computer Science.
As the company’s founder, Gary personally engages with every client during initial discussions to help understand their business and assess if Agile Partners can add value. He is very involved, offering his expertise and acting as an active advisor on some of the most challenging tasks.
Gary’s been in FinTech since 1996 and recognized globally for leading payment innovations. His experience spans Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa as well as North America. It includes prepaid issuing, acquiring in all forms, mobile payment innovations, wallets, numerous channel-specific FinTech innovations and has been recognized for delivering numerous “firsts”.
He co-founded WildCard Systems in 1997, the company became the global leader of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express branded prepaid cards, providing services to top-tier financial institutions and non-banks around the world. The company was acquired by eFunds in July 2005 for $262 million USD. At eFunds, Gary served as Executive Vice President of Global Strategic Business Development and was part of the executive team that sold eFunds to Fidelity National Information Systems (NYSE: FIS) in September 2007 for $1.8 billion USD.
Gary’s an active investor in, and advisor to, FinTech companies and related businesses including co-founding Adaptive Payments, which MasterCard acquired in 2015, Wavecrest Holdings (Gibraltar), which he exited in 2012. He recently made a large investment in, and became Chairman of, TECS - a global payment-processing leader based in Vienna, Austria.
Additionally, he’s a former director of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association  (www.efta.org/), founding director and former Chairman, as well as President of the National Branded Prepaid Card Association (http://www.nbpca.org). Gary served as a director at the Center for Financial Services Innovation (http://www.cfsinnovation.com) until his 10-year term limit expired in 2016.
In 2010, Gary was honored with the Industry Achievement Award at the Prepaid Expo and was described as a “founding father” of prepaid.