At Agile Partners, we’re organized differently – everyone works for our Head of Business Operations, who is also Managing Director, Ana Novorojdin. Our founder and our board – they’re all “on the bottom” of the organization chart – it’s their jobs to be sure that the Agile Partners team has everything needed to delight clients.

Ana Novorojdin

Managing Director
One of Agile Partners’ key figures, Ana is virtually the face and soul of our company. She leads the entire team in ensuring all incoming client requests are met. Providing insight and recommendations at all stages of product development, Ana is the go-to person when questions arise; always managing to come up with the most creative and innovative ways to solve them.
Before joining Agile Partners, Ana was the Project Manager of “Paynet”, Moldova’s first eWallet & Loyalty Program. Being there from the very beginning, she was instrumental in describing and implementing all ecomm and financial workings of the product. She led a team of development and creative people, making sure that the result will be compliant with eMoney issuing regulations, easy to use, beautifully designed and secure.
Her vast experience, of over 11 years in card payments, is what makes her one of the most valuable assets at Agile Partners. As Deputy Head of the Bank Department of a Moldovan bank, she was responsible for developing and innovating card products, in charge of both the front and back end of the department. Ensuring that issuing and acquiring processes work smoothly, as well as managing compliance with the National Banks’ requirements, as of those of actors such as Visa and MasterCard, Ana knows first-hand the inner workings of the card industry.